Sproatley Emergency Plan


In extreme conditions such as heavy snow and flooding, there is a possibility that the emergency services may not be able to reach the scene immediately. In such circumstances, the initial response may rely entirely on local people. To co-ordinate such activity, some councils have formulated a Community Emergency Plan to help their community to prepare for an emergency and reduce its impact. The idea is that local communities may know about particular hazards and problems that affect an area, be aware of individuals who might need assistance in an emergency, and have access to people, resources or buildings that allow them to respond more effectively to specific incidents.

There is no statutory requirement for such a plan; however it is good practice and so we have created the Sproatley Emergency Plan.  As a small village, our Emergency Plan is a simple document.

In the event of extreme snow, a prolonged loss of power, a serious traffic incident or other emergency local people may be required to provide an initial level of support.

Could you help?

Would you be prepared to help in an Emergency? Do you have specialist skills or equipment which could be useful? Could you help with contacting vulnerable residents to pass on information and find out if they need assistance?

If so, then please contact: the Parish Clerk on (01482 813268), the Council Box in the village shop or via the Council website http://www.sproatley.me.ukso that your contact details can be included in the plan.

Might you need assistance in an Emergency?

The parish council will maintain a confidential list of residents who would like to be contacted in an emergency. This will only be used for the purposes of passing on important information and for ascertaining whether those on the list need assistance. If you would like to be included on the list then please give your name and contact information (in confidence) at any of the contact points above.                                             

Thank You